Loud Whispers

September’s warmth in DC belies the onset of autumn, but it helps us ache in anticipation for leaves changing colors, cool autumn breezes, and layers. Autumn is my favorite season for many reasons, but from a sartorial perspective, I like it because of the layers and how it maximizes my ability to play with color, textures, and styles. The seasons are slowly changing here and autumn’s possibilities and opportunities are so close.

I came across one of my favorite quotes years ago while reading the Sartorialist. It goes like this: Elegance is something that must be whispered and not shouted.

That is the balance I am looking for in my own personal style. On a not-unlimited budget and working in a corporate environment, how do I set myself as distinctive but also comfortable? How do I show off bits of my personality in my work-wear to my clients and coworkers, but not distract from the work side of things? The same thing applies when out of the office: Fashion is not everything for me, but it presents a great opportunity to show splashes of one’s personality and to whisper–sometimes more loudly than others–about one’s elegance and style.

Work Wear

That is what I want to examine here on 12minds. A balance between affordability, distinctiveness, and the occasional splurge. I want to figure out what fits, what works, and why it works.

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