Of Comfortable Boldness

Cardigans are one of those things that I cannot wear without immediately looking a) ten years older and b) thirty pounds heavier. It’s a dark magic and I cannot break the curse, but I do at least appreciate its consistency so I know to steer clear.

The man makes it work

If you’re going to try to pull this off, make sure the button-down shirt is fitted to the same length as the cardigan. Otherwise it will look slovenly instead of intentionally and carefully careless.

This relates back to style tips as follows: What works for some does not work for all; further, it is important to know what works for you. One of the points I will touch on a lot on this site is this: Style is about knowing yourself–what works for you, what fits well, and what makes you feel simultaneously bold but comfortable. Style is about articulating who you are and pushing the envelope enough to emphasize parts of your personality. That articulation requires the confidence to try new things, but also the confidence to buck trends. It’s a fine line and, as much as I like how it fits the guy in the picture above, it’s why I won’t be wearing any cardigans.


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